April 2012  

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VP's Corner

Spring break is behind us and we’ve moved into the final phase of the academic year. I find it hard to believe that the year is moving so quickly. I’d like to take a moment to recognize some of the special accomplishments of our team over the past few months:

  • Progress continues to be excellent on the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Laboratory currently under construction. FP&C is leading the construction project while M&O is actively gearing up to assume responsibility for operating the building upon completion in 2013. Dining Services and Custodial Services are also looking ahead to the roles they will play in operating the facility.
  • The agreements for the first redevelopment on the Science & Technology Campus – BloomEnergy – have been completed. We will soon see the start of construction of Bloom’s 200,000 square foot factory which will ultimately have a workforce of 900 Bloom employees.
  • The integration of the formerly separate Auxiliary Services and Facilities organizations has made great progress, with unified support organizations in place for HR, IT and Finance
  • There’s been very good progress in the Parking and Transportation unit, with improvements in service and the elimination of operating deficits
Just as important, all of our units continue to do an excellent job with the long list of services that they perform every day and every week. 

Many of these services don’t attract much attention from the university community, but we know what would happen if we weren’t doing a reliable job of things like collecting trash, cutting grass, cleaning bathrooms, generating steam, changing light bulbs, setting up for meetings, printing brochures, paying bills and calculating payroll. 

My thanks to all of you for getting these tasks done quietly but effectively.

Unfortunately for us, it’s time to say farewell to a valued team member, Alan Brangman. Alan has done a superb job as the University of Delaware’s first university architect and campus planner, and the results of his work will be visible on our campus for many, many years to come. He moves on to a position of greater responsibility at Howard University in Washington, D.C. We will miss him greatly.

I hope that you find this newsletter an effective means of communication across our large and varied organization. Your comments – and suggestions for improvement – are always welcome.

David W. Singleton

Vice President

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