Winter 2013

In this edition: A special presentation by Dr. Maura Cullen

VP's Corner

Winter is still with us, but it won’t be long before spring appears. I’m not a big fan of these shorter, colder days so I’m eagerly looking forward to the coming change of seasons. It will be nice to see more outdoor activity and more people enjoying the beauty of our campus.

When we get busy, we sometimes take too many things for granted. I know that our University functions so well particularly because of the contributions that our 575 team members in Facilities & Auxiliary Services make every day when they come to work. So let me take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to everyone on our team for all the contributions you make to the success of the University.

Your work is noticed and it is appreciated! Let me make a suggestion to everyone…when you take note of anyone on our team doing an especially good job, thank them!

Speaking of appreciation, I want to say a special thanks to several of our team members who have
retired so far in 2013. I’m always impressed by the number of people on our team who have served the University for many, many years. My thanks go out to Ben Cook, Carol Eveland, Terry Henderson, Donald Lewis, Gary Pennington, Ronald Phillips, Gene Taylor and Carmen Santiago upon their well earned retirements. We’ll miss them and wish them all the best in the years ahead.

I’d like to close with a few words about workplace safety. We have a very good safety record here in
Facilities & Auxiliary Services, but even one workplace accident is too many. All of us need to make a habit of thinking ahead and looking for the situations that have the risk of causing an accident or injury.

By knowing what’s coming, we can usually take the common sense steps needed to work safely.

David W. Singleton
Vice President

Special feature: Facilities and Auxiliary Services keeps UD green in the Sustainability Special

High-Tech Safety:
A new safety feature for saws is on display in Building Maintenance & Operations

Award Winners:
Staff at The Courtyard Newark at the University of Delaware and members of the Custodial Services team are recognized for excellence. 

New team members:
Lots of new employees to meet in Human Resources

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