June 2012  

In this edition: Behind the scenes of the steam system shutdown

VP's Corner

I spent time recently visiting several locations around our campus and got thinking about what the arrival of summer means to our workload in Facilities & Auxiliary Services. For several of our units, this is an extremely busy time, with a very heavy workload and very challenging schedules. I appreciate the solid planning effort that was completed in preparation for our summer work, and I appreciate the extra effort that will be needed from a great many of you to make this work successful. Thank you.

Speaking of summer projects, I want to say a special thank you for the excellent work that went into Forum and Reunion Weekend. Attendance at this event has grown steadily and I know it imposes some real challenges on nearly every unit in Facilities & Auxiliary Services. This event is a very important part of the University’s goal of strengthening relationships with our alumni, so it’s essential that this be done well. The feedback this year is again very positive, so I thank everyone who has helped make this such a big success.

A few words about progress at the STAR Campus, which is the new name for the Science and Technology Campus (still known to some of us as the Chrysler site). The recent announcement that the former Chrysler administration building will be rebuilt and expanded for its new use as a Health Sciences Complex is a very important step forward. By the end of 2013, we expect that this facility will join the Bloom Energy plant as the first two major developments to be completed on the STAR Campus. Both of these projects are the direct result of excellent work by several units in Facilities & Auxiliary Services. Again, my thanks.

As we wrap up the 2011-12 academic year, it’s appropriate to look ahead to 2012-13. One highlight of the coming year will be the completion of several major projects on campus, including the construction of the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering lab, the first two new East Campus residence halls, the new Life Science Research facility, the expansion and renovation of the Carpenter Sports building, the expansion and renovation of the Materials Management facility, and the renovation of Alison Hall. 

Most of our Facilities & Auxiliary Services units will get involved with these as we transition from construction to operation (a process that’s already begun). The University is eagerly awaiting the delivery of these important facilities, and I’m confident that we will do that successfully.

I wish all of you a pleasant summer!

David W. Singleton

Vice President

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