Fall 2012          In this edition: The stories and excitement of Move-in Weekend!               

VP's Corner

We’re already well into the fall semester, but I want to look back and thank everyone in Facilities & Auxiliary Services for an outstanding job with move-in weekend and other start of the year assignments. 

Almost everything went according to plan and I’ve received lots of favorable comments on the services that all of you provided to the entire university community. 

I was particularly pleased to see strong teamwork between the different groups within Facilities & Auxiliary Services. It’s great to see people working together as a united team. Keep up the good work!

This is again shaping up as a busy year, with lots of demand for our services. I know that many of you are taking on additional workload and working extended hours. I really appreciate this willingness to step up to the challenges facing us. The university counts on us for many different services, and simply couldn’t operate without you. I recognize that in recent years we’ve had some cutbacks in the resources available to us, so I’m quite impressed with the ingenuity and extra effort that have allowed you to maintain (and often improve) our services with more limited resources. Keep up the good work!

In the weeks ahead, I encourage all of you to find time to chat with your co-workers about ideas to further improve our services. Long ago I learned that great ideas can come from virtually anywhere within an organization. I’ve asked all of our managers and directors to be open to these ideas from everyone within our Facilities & Auxiliary Services team.

I always appreciate hearing about the work that our team is doing – and the challenges we face – so please don’t hesitate to share your ideas with me as you see me around campus.


Vice President 


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