August 2012  

In this edition: Reach new heights of clean with the summer window washing crew

VP's Corner

Summer is nearly over and move-in weekend lies just ahead of us. Summer has been a very busy time for many of the units within Facilities & Auxiliary Services, and starting from move-in the pace will be even busier for just about everyone. Personally, I’ve missed the excitement of having our students and faculty here in full force, so I’m looking forward to this transition. Let’s hope we don’t have anything like the 2011 hurricane to make move-in even more complicated than it already is!

I hope everyone has found time over the summer to take some vacation to relax and spend extra time with family and friends. That can really help to recharge the batteries and clear the mind. I really enjoyed getting down to the beach with my family.

As I look around Facilities & Auxiliary Services, I see something very positive besides the usual workload…a growing spirit of innovation and finding better ways of doing things. I’d like to see more of this. This is something that all of us should be involved with since the best ideas can come from anywhere in an organization. I’d encourage everyone to be looking for ideas on how we can do our work better or more efficiently. Please pass those ideas along to your manager. Whether or not we’re able to implement your idea, I will thank you for bringing these ideas forward.

One more request…if you see a problem that needs attention from any unit in Facilities & Auxiliary Services, please pass that information along to the appropriate unit. This could be a leaking faucet in a restroom, a dead plant that needs to be removed, mud left in a roadway by a construction vehicle, a fresh stain on a carpet, or wilted lettuce in the Scrounge. We can all work together to make our entire team look good.

David W. Singleton

Vice President

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