February 2012   

Featured in this edition:  Mop, dust, spray and scrape through mid-year room changes; Consider the bats in Custodial & Pest Control

VP's Corner

These are busy times for all of us in Facilities & Auxiliary Services, and I’m very pleased by the level of effort and commitment I see from all of our organizational units. I know it often seems like we’re being asked to do more and more with limited resources, but I’m very pleased by the way we almost always find ways to make it happen! Most of the comments I hear about our work from other parts of the University are very positive, so I thank you. Keep up the good work.

When we’ve asked you what you’d like to see done better within Facilities & Auxiliary Services many of you have told us “communication” and “information sharing”. We have several ideas for doing just that, and this E-Newsletter is one of them. I hope you find it helpful and I welcome your comments on ways we can make it even better.

Looking forward, let’s remember that Facilities & Auxiliary Services is a team of nearly 700 University staff, plus many more who work with us as contractors and consultants. That’s a large and diversified organization. For almost everything we do, there’s a customer outside our organization and we should always strive to understand our customer’s needs and promote good communication with our customers. As the Facilities & Auxiliary Services team, we can be most effective when we work closely together across all of our varied organizational units to most effectively meet the needs of our customers.

David W. Singleton

Vice President


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