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Features of this site

  1. Complete Annotated List. All 132 species of Odonates (88 dragonflies and 44 damselflies) that have occurred on the Delmarva, including status, habitat and updated flight dates for all species (compiled from personal notes and communications and from Beaton 2007, Barlow et al 2009, White 2011 and NJ Odes Website).
  2. High resolution, full screen photos. 122 species (78 dragonflies and 44 Damselflies) illustrated. SmugMug Galleries for each species including photos of both sexes at different ages and different color morphs for many species. Photos of oviposition behavior, pairs in tandem and in flight are also included for many species as are close-ups of critical field marks.
  3. Site Guide. Guide to the best places to find Odonates in the Delmarva.
  4. Natually posed and lighted photos. All photos are naturally posed and naturally lighted, unless noted otherwise. All have been extensively processed in Photoshop using Topaz filters.
Tips for using this site:
  1. Viewing Photos: All species accounts contain representative photos of adult males and females, if available, and a link to the full species SmugMug gallery which usually has lots more photos.
  2. Dates: In the Smugmug Galleries, click on the information icon (circle with letter i in it)to see when the photo was taken.
  3. Locations: All photos were taken in Delaware, unless stated otherwise. All locations are indicated in the photo caption (all are easily found by searching Google Maps).

Photography Awards:

Winner, 2014 Delaware Nature Photo Contest.  Click here to see winners.

Photographer of the Month, Birdeye Nature Apps.  Click here to see article. 


White, H. B.  2011.  Natural History of Delmarva Dragonflies and Damselflies.  University of Delaware Press, Newark.
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Beaton, G.  2007.  Dragonflies and Damselfies of Georgia and the Southeast.  University of Georgia Press, Athens. 

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Odonata Central - including the website of the Dragonfly Society of America

New Jersey Odes - extensive information on identification and distribution in NJ

Maryland/DC Dragonflies - photos, checklist and distribution of odonates in Maryland and Washington, DC

Hal White's Website - list of Hal White's odonate publications, many on Delmarva odonates

2011 NE DSA Meeting Website - lots of location information and location checklists for the Delmarva

AZ Dragonflies - site maintained by my good friend Pierre Deviche of odonates occuring in Arizona, but also includes extensive general information

All photographs on this site are copyright Michael C. Moore.  Educational and personal use permitted with attribution.  Commercial use requires prior permission.

Please send all suggestions, corrections and comments to Michael Moore at mcmoore32@gmail.com 
Comments on mistaken ID especially welcome as most individuals were identified by visual field marks, not by in hand inspection.  

Last updated:  22 June 2017