1. The Basic Toss

The Toss is the most important part of Coed Stunting.  Without a good toss, a couple can not execute many basic, intermediate, or elite partner stunts. 
1.  For the toss, the male will stand behind the female and grab her with a loose grip with his thumb and index fingers around her hips.  The female will grab the male with a loose grip around his wrists.   
2.  On a designated count, the female will lift through her toes and then dip where her thighs are bent parallel to the floor with the male bending through the legs and following her down.
3.  From the bottom, the female will jump as hard as she can through the balls of her feet and will flick her male partners hands straight down at the top of her jump.  The male will keep a loose grip and at the top of the jump will flick his hands straight up with his thumbs pointed straight up. 
It is important for the male to use his arms and legs together to get maximum height on the toss.  (Make sure males are not standing up and trying to use all upper body to "pick up" the female, but rather using arms and legs together to toss her at the top of her jump.)
It is equally important that the female is keeping her chest up and jumping as hard as she can with her feet squeezed together.  With more practice the toss will get faster and faster thus getting higher in the air.
4.  As the female descends, the male will keep his hands straight up and will jump to recatch the females waist (as she regrabs his wrists) and slow her down as much as possible back to the starting position. 

Toss Drill