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10. One Arm Rewinds

One arm Rewinds should not be attempted until a couple has strong rewinds to the top (i.e. Solid Rewind Cupies)  This stunt can also be done with bent legs as described under rewinds, but is shown in the layed out position.
One Arm Layed Out Rewind Cupie
For the one arm layed out rewind cupie, the male will start in a low squatted posiiton with the hand of his choice centered on the small of the female's back.  As the female dips and sets back, the male will stay low and keep the female going over his shoulder.  When the female is in a stretched and arched position parallel to the floor, the male will stand up using his arm and legs in unison driving and popping straight up through the female's back helping her to finish her flip.  As the female finishes her flip, the male will spot for both feet and catch the stunt in a cupie.  The dismount is a regular pop off.
The female will begin her set as if doing a two arm rewind, but will stretch and lay back similiar to a backhandspring over the male.  It is important for the female to stretch back and have a arch in her back.  When the female feels the pop from the male, she must pull with her shins and hips keeping her body straight in a layed out position.  As the female is flipping she must spot for the male's hand as in a two arm rewind and stand straight up landing in a cupie.  The dismount is a regular pop off.

one arm rewind