6. Backhandspring-Ups

Backhandspring ups should not be attempted if the female does not have a solid backhandspring
Backhandspring up Liberty
For the backhandspring up heel stretch, the male will start several feet behind the female.  After the female initiates her backhandspring and is in the handstand position, the male will step forward in a squat position and spot for the female's waist.  After grabbing the waist, the male will stand up and pop the female up finishing her half flip.  At the top of of pop/ toss the male will spot for the feet and grab a regular heel stretch grip.  The dismount is a regular pop off. 
The female will think about doing a backhandspring but will stop in the handstand position and not snap her feet down.  As she starts her backhandspring and lands in the handstand, it is important for the female to keep her chin to her chest and stay tight.  When she feels the male grab her hips, her feet will start to fall towards the male.  After the pop from the male, the female will lift her chest and snap her feet down at the same time all while staying "hollow" and straight.  At the top of the stunt the female will pull a heel stretch after feeling the solid grip on her right foot.  The dismount is a regular pop off.
Backhandspring up Cupie
The technique for the backhandspring up cupie is the same as the backhandspring up liberty, except the male will spot for the feet with only one arm instead of both.  The female must focus on squeezing both of her feet together.

Backhandspring Up from side

backhandspring up heel stretch


backhandspring up cupie