7. Roundoff- Ups

Roundoff up Liberty
For the roundoff up Liberty the technique is very similiar to that of the backhandspring up liberty.  Instead of starting with a backhandspring, the female will start a roundoff.
The male will be away from the female and as she initiates her roundoff, the male will spot for her hips using one hand at a time.  It depends on which way the female decides to roundoff as to which hand you use first.  Always use the arm that reaches across your body to grab first. 
As the male makes contact with both hips, the female should be in the handstand position with her feeting slightly coming down.  From this position, the male will stand up using his arms and legs together and pop/ throw the female as she lifts and staps down.  The male will spot for both feet and grab a regular liberty grip.  The dismount is a regular pop off.
For the female, the beginning of this stunt is the hardest aspect of it.  Instead of thinking roundoff with a snap down (traditional tumbling) think about doing a handstand with a half turn directly squaring your hips in front of the male.  When this action is completed, the male will grab both hips, and as he throws the female, she must lift her chest and snap down her feet while keeping her chin to her chest to stay tight and hollow.  Once the male has a solid grip, pull a regular liberty and the dismount is a regular pop off.
Roundoff up Cupie
The technique is the same for the roundoff up cupie, except the male will once again spot for both feet with the one hand of his choice.  The dismount is a regular pop off

roundoff up liberty


roundoff up cupie