13. Cartwheel Ups

Cartwheel Up Liberty
For the male:  Start next to the girl in a relaxed athletic stance (knees bent).  As the girl begins her cartwheel, bend at the knee and spot for her hips grabbing one hip at a time.  As her legs begin to "cartwheel" over you, begin to throw using arms and legs together and place her over top of you.  It is important to stay low, and follow through with the arms.  Depending on which direction the female cartwheels in the male will essentially guide her with the arm farthest from her.  Example, if the girl is coming from the left side as shown, the male will use his right hand to guide the stunt as he is throwing her.
For the female:  Start next to the male and begin to cartwheel into him.  It is important to make sure your feet stay overtop of your body and that your feet do not cartwheel away from the male.  As you enter the "handstand" let your feet begin to fall to the side as the male is making contact with your hips.  As the male begins to throw you, drive your hips overtop and spot for the wall to land in a target position before pulling your liberty.
Cartwheel Up Cupie.
Both the male and female will use the same technique, but the male will only catch with the hand he intends to hold the cupie with.