2. Retakes

Hands Retake Hands
For the hands retake hands, the couple will start by performing a toss or walk in hands.  For the retake, they will reverse the process for a walk in.  The male will give a slight shrug up and will let go with his left hand while turning over his right hand keeping it close to his body.  After the pop and half turn the male will support his right hand with his left hand and resist back to the ground where he will tap and go back into a walk in hands.
The female will perform the same technique as a walk in for the retake but will do the steps in reverse.  It is important that on the way down, she spots for the shoulders and resists coming down fast.  When her foot taps the ground, she will absorb with the left foot and perform a regular walk in back to hands.
Other stunts can retake and go back up to different stunts when the technique is mastered from the hands and extension positions.

Hands retake to Hands