5. Low to High Full Arounds

Hands full around to Liberty
For the hands full around to Liberty, the male will start by performing a high toss and catching in hands/ extension.  He will dip with his arms and legs in unison and at the hands level will pop the feet giving a slight guide to the direction the female is spinning.  As the stunt spins, the male will turn over his hands as described under the fullup stunts section.  He will spot for the heels, catching the feet backwards and finish the spin in contact with the female.
For the female, at the hands level and after feeling the pop and initiation the female will spin focusing on lifting up and spinning with her hips, shoulders, and head all in the same line.  As the male makes contact, they will finish the spin together and pull the stunt when facing the front. 
Hands double full  around to Liberty
For the hands double full around liberty, the male and female will use the same technique as the hands full around liberty but will add an addtional spin.  The male must wait for the female to complete 1.5 spins before catching the female as she is facing him and they will finish the final 1/2 spin together.  It is important for both the male and female to control the stunt at all times. 
Lib full around to Top
For the lib full around to the top, the technique is the same as the hands full around to the top except the male is holding a liberty instead of both feet.  After the pop, the female will drop the liberty and spin with both feet together as described above. 

hands full around liberty


Hands double full around liberty

low liberty full around to liberty