CBO Services

Faculty Assignments

1.     Proposal Preparation

a.     Solicitation Review

b.     Budget/budget justification preparation support

c.     Cost share liaison

d.     Subcontract liaison

e.     Research Office liaison

f.      UD grants system/other systems update

g.     Other proposal requirements support, e.g., bio, C&P, letters of support

h.     Letter of Intent preparation (where applicable)

i.      Subcontracting Plan preparation (if needed)

j.      PI set-up liaison: PI eligibility Form; COI Form

2.      Award Set-up

a.     Research Office Liaison

b.     Pre-award purpose code set-up (if applicable)

c.     Award Terms & Conditions review

d.     Reporting requirements review/set-up

3.      Award Management - General

a.     Budget Revision support

b.     No-cost extension support`

c.     Ad hoc analyses support

d.     Sponsor ad hoc requests support

e.     Quarterly reporting support (upload to sponsor websites)

f.      Subcontracting Plan reporting (as needed)

g.     Technology Control Plan coordination (as needed)

h.     Human Subjects/Animals in Research certification monitoring (as needed)

4.     Purchases

a.     Obtain receipts

b.     Charge to appropriate account

c.     Report fraudulent charges

d.      Answer questions/fix issues about WORKS

e.     Procurement Liaison

f.     Complete Purchase Order Form

i.     Obtain necessary documents

ii.     Ensure invoice is paid in timely manner

5.     Travel

a.     Obtain travel cards

b.     Reimbursements

  i.     Ensure that employees are reimbursed

  ii.     Ensure that non-employees are reimbursed

 iii.     Follow up on issues

 iv.     Procurement Liaison

6.     Human Resources/Recruitment

a.     Onboarding

b.     VISA (initial and renewals)

c.     Criminal Background Check processing

7.     Payroll

a.     Labor Allocation Module (LAM) entry

b.     Job Employment Data (JED ) processing

c.     S Contracts

d.     Grad Non-Contract Pay

e.     Biweekly Pay processing (TRF’s)

f.      Effort Certification

8.      Award Management – Financial

a.     Transaction review for allowability

b.     Monthly financial reconciliation: GL to receipts

c.     Monthly financial report preparation

d.     Monthly account status review with faculty

e.     Grad/post-doc funding review and LAM allocation updates

f.      Journal Voucher preparation

g.     Cost sharing tracking (as needed)

h.     Subcontract expense tracking (as needed)

i.      Fabrication tracking/capitalization

j.      PI summer salary planning support and periodic review

k.     Effort certification review (three times/year)

9.     Award Close-out

a.     After-end-date documentation support

b.     Allowability documentation support

c.     Liaison with PI for final technical report/IP issues

d.     Cost share documentation support (as needed)

e.     Equipment inventory support

f.    Research Office Liaison

10.  Discretionary/Start-up fund Management

a.     Transaction review of allowability

b.     Monthly financial reconciliation: GL to receipts

c.     Monthly financial balance reporting

d.     Monthly account status review with faculty