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  • Mandatory (UD/Local, State, and Federal Regulations)
    • “Streaming Videos” with Right to Know and Department specific safety information have been produced by the Materials Science, Chemical, Civil and Environment, and Mechanical Engineering Departments and the Center for Composite Materials. The objective is to make these videos available through the University Web CT program and include quizzes to ensure a minimum base level of knowledge for new students and employees before entering the academic or operations workplace.
    • General Safety Guidelines
Department Specific
  • CCM training SOP’s for Laboratories and the Machine Shop are located at https://www.ccm.udel.edu/CCM-Intranet/safety.html
  • Disks of training materials, including videos and Powerpoint presentations are available from ChE (Contact George Whitmyre), ECE (Contact Kjeld Krag-Jensen) and MSEG (Contact Charlie Garbini) Departments