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  • Departmental Safety Manual Departmental manuals provide implementation details necessary to transform UD Safety Policies and OHS Programs to departmental practice. Best practice examples of departmental safety manuals can be obtained by contacting the Chemical Engineering Laboratory Manager or by accessing the Center for Composite Materials (CCM) website at https://www.ccm.udel.edu/CCM-Intranet/safety.html
  • CoE Safety/Lab Coordinators and other Safety Personnel
    • George Whitmyre, Chemical Engineering Laboratory Manager, george@udel.edu , X8986
    • Roger Stahl, Mechanical Engineering Lab Coordinator, rrogerr.udel.edu , X8455
    • Charles Garbini, Materials Science and Engineering Sr Research Technician, garbini@udel.edu , X2930
    • Kjeld Krag-Jensen, Electrical and Computer Engineering Lab Coordinator, kragjek@udel.edu , X3317
    • Danny Richardson, Civil and Environmental Engineering Research Associate and Safety Chairman, danny@ce.udel.edu , X4939
    • Philip Roach, Center for Composite Materials Lab Coordinator, roach@ccm.udel.edu, X6129
    • OHS personnel
      • Kevin Eichinger, Chemical Hygiene Officer, eich@udel.edu , X2103
      • David Levandoski, Asst. Director and Environmental Programs, DaveLev@udel.edu , X8274
      • Joseph Miller, Asst. Director and Industrial Hygiene Programs, jamiller@udel.edu , X6566
      • All other see http://www.udel.edu/OHS/