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Nuestra Señora Del Perpetuo Socorro

Historia De Nuestra Senora Del Perpetuo Socorro: devocion a esta advocacion de la Virgen en la Republica de Nicaragua. (Pg. 93d) by Santiago Fuentes Rivas, Managua: NOVENA, 1992. 




Nuestra Senora Del Perpetuo Socorro is a Mary also known as Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Hers is a Roman Catholic title whose image is said to have been first created by Saint Luke. The image was originally located in the east in Constantinople with the Byzantine empire until it fell in 1452. Since then, tradition has kept it in the western church. Specifically, this Mary is depicted as Hodegetria. This translates to “She who shows the way” and shows the Mary holding the baby Jesus and pointing at him. It is believed that the first icon came to the church at the Island of Crete, in the attempt to protect the island from sacrilegious individuals during the Muslim Christian Wars. From there it ended up in a shrine in Rome at the Church of Saint Matthew. When the church was taken over in 1866, the image was promoted. Specifically, Nicaragua has in own experiences, and traditions that they celebrate in relation to Nuestra Senora Del Perpetuo Socorro. One interesting miracle that the people in Nicaragua hold onto is in the town of Managua. In 1972 there was an earthquake that had completely destroyed a cathedral. After the going back to investigate the cathedral, the part of the cathedral that contained the Nuestra Senor Del Perpetuo Socorro was not harmed. The people of Managua believed this to be a miracle. Another tradition towards the Mary, is the feast that takes place every year. This feast is not strictly celebrated by the people of Nicaragua. In places such as De Leon and Matagalpa, they celebrate the feast on June 27th. 

Rivas, Santiago Fuentes. Historia de Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro: devoción a esta advocación de la Virgen en la República de Nicaragua. Managua: NOVENA, 1992.

Researched by Samuel D. White

Popular Devotions

They celebrate a feast on June 27th to pay its respects to the Mary. It is celebrated in places such as De Leon and Matagalpa in Nicaragua.

Hail Mary
Dios te salve, María. Llena eres de gracia: El Señor es contigo. 
Bendita tú eres entre todas las mujeres. 
Y bendito es el fruto de tu vientre: Jesús. 
Santa María, Madre de Dios, ruega por nosotros pecadores, 
ahora y en la hora de nuestra muerte.

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