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News pertaining to Alpha Chapter will be posted here regularly. Please check the main page for most recent stories.

  • Alpha Theta Arrives
    Alpha Chapter is ectstatic to welcome the largest single candidate class since 2009 as full brothers of Epsilon Tau Pi. These new brothers are:
    • Greg B.
    • Steven B.
    • Colin B.
    • Josh D.
    • Steven H.
    • Luke H.
    • Grant K.
    • Eduardo L.
    • Alex M.
    • Grant R.
    • Nolan S.
    • Joe S.
    • Matt

  • Congratulations Alpha Eta
    Alpha Chapter is proud to anounce the graduation of the following candidates to full brothers:
    • Sean C.
    • Nick F.
    • Chris T.
    • Garrett Y.

  • Welcome, Alpha Zeta
    Alpha Chapter is pleased to welcome the members of Alpha Zeta as full brothers. They are:
    • Andrew B.
    • Sean H.
    • Stephen M.
    • Matthew S.
    • James W.
    • Sean Z.

Other News

  • Welcome back, Beta!
    Beta Colony is making a comeback. After several years of inactivity, Beta Colony (located at The Ohio State University) has been reactivated, with 19 eagles taking charge. This group joined Alpha Chapter's own Alpha Theta class (13 strong) in a group ritual this fall.
  • House Updates Completed
    After a summer-long update of 1915 Trinity Avenue, ETΠ's only house is now open again. The University of Dayton replaced carpets, in addition to repainting and new kitchen cabinets. The updates are greatly appreciated; recent years have seen severe wear on the interior of our house.