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Background Information

Epsilon Tau Pi was founded in 1999 at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. Since then it has grown into a group spanning half the country, and 11 universities. But one thing hasn't changed: we are a brotherhood of Eagles dedicated to serving the community around us.

But Epsilon Tau Pi is more then just a service fraternity; it is a group of like minded individuals that come together under the banner of brotherhood. As Eagles we share many similar past experiences. As brothers, we know no matter the circumstances, no matter the distance, there will always be someone there for us. That is the foundational principle of our brotherhood.

Where we are

Our house is located at:

1915 Trinity Avenue
Dayton, Ohio 45409


Epsilon Tau Pi is dedicated to service.  We take part in many service opportunities around the University of Dayton, and the Greater Dayton Area. One of the many ways we provide service to Scouting is our annual Merit Badge College (Read more about MBC here). We also volunteer regularly at the House of Bread, a local soup kitchen in downtown Dayton.


President - Sal Messina
Vice President - Griffin Linehan
Fraternity Education Officer (FEO) - Leo Schenk
Secretary - Evan Cooper
Treasurer - Louis DeGruy
National Exec Board (NEB) Rep - Andrew Barlege

Social Life

Our brothers partake in many social outings. But they aren't just decided by the Executive Board. As brothers, we regularly decide on new social evets we want to try. Some events we have had include:

  • Barbeques
  • Ski Trips
  • Bowling
  • Movie nights
  • Canoe Trips
  • Golf Outings
  • Mini Golf
  • Rock Climbing
  • Paintball
  • Football Games
  • Baseball Games
  • Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Brother Dinner
  • Camping Trips
  • Semi-Formal
  • Formal