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Successful British Council Bid

Posted: May 2nd 2006

Uckfield Community Technology College has just learned that it has been successful in its bid to the British Council for funding to support its ongoing link project with Technical School in Kumasi, Ghana.

This project began with an initial visit to Ghana by students and staff in February 2002. This first visit has led to a close understanding and relationship between the two schools. In 2004, Ben Tumasi, a music teacher from Ghana traveled to the UK and worked with students at UCTC  in Music and Geography lessons. That same year the 'Spiritus' carnival group was formed at UCTC and the Uckfield Carnival became a celebration of the richness of African Culture. A further visit by UCTC students to Ghanian 2005 cemented the relationship further. Since that time teachers have sought further funding to build on the existing link that has been established. This involved Uckfield teachers visiting their partners in Ghana in February this year at their own expense to co-ordinate the bid.

The funding means that exchange visits can be arranged between staff and students in Uckfield and Kumasi; and a range of educational and cultural activities are planned.

Staff at UCTC were delighted with the news received on the 27th April, and were quick to contact colleges in Ghana to share the good news.