counselor's corner

Welcome to the UCHS Counseling Department!

We are here to support your learning, goals, and mental health throughout high school. If you need an appointment, please complete an appointment card located in the counseling office. If your counseling need is an emergency, a counselor will speak with you immediately.

The Counseling Department provides the following services:

  • Mental Health Counseling - we will meet with you to listen to your social and emotional concerns. We are here to help and recommend additional resources so you can feel your best every day.

  • Financial Concerns or Needs - if you or your family is experiencing financial hardship or has a need for food, clothing, or other resources, please see a counselor and we can connect you with assistance.

  • Learning Support Services - we will coordinate meetings to determine if you are in need of a 504 or other learning supports. Your counselor can provide recommendations for improving your grades or overcoming classroom struggles.

  • Course Selection and Dual Enrollment - each year you have four elective credits. These credits should be focused on pathways, personal interests, and dual enrollment credit options. Dual enrollment credits can be academic or technical college career courses.

  • College Counseling - deciding where to go to school and understanding the admissions process and financial aspects of college can be overwhelming. We are here to support you as you navigate your college decision.

  • College Admissions Testing and Application Fee Waivers - The ACT and SAT offer free waivers to students who face financial hardship. See the counseling office for assistance in using these waivers to register for a test and for applying to college.

  • Career Counseling - not every job requires additional schooling or some only require a few months of technical college. We can help you develop a resume and cover letter to apply for jobs or determine the right technical college program for you. Remember work-based learning is an excellent way to secure a job before you graduate.

  • Military Recruiting - we can arrange appointments with military recruiters if your goal is to join the armed forces or space force.