Greetings undergraduate student researchers!
There seem to be limited opportunities for undergraduates to come together and share research interests and projects with each other at UCSC. That is where SURU comes in. As inspiring researchers, it is vital that we come together to do this. Remember, nothing great is done alone! 

At its core, SURU (the Symposium for Undergraduate Research at UCSC) offers students the opportunity to speak about their research, or research that they are interested in, while in a formal and friendly setting. This is a free event, available to the public. All are welcome -- even if you do not present your own research, come to learn and support your peers! There are many benefits to being a part of the symposium; here are some examples:  
  • Practice speaking with others about research in an academic setting
  • Gain valuable feedback regarding your research from experienced researchers
  • Interact with other undergraduates who are also interested in research
  • Have the opportunity to win an awesome prize!
  • Enjoy free refreshments and snacks
  • Build, or start building, your CV

The 2019 Symposium for Undergraduate Research at UCSC will take place on Sunday, November 24, 2019. To submit your abstract to present, visit the Submission Portal

If you are interested, please follow the links below to learn more! 
To learn about this year's upcoming symposium, click here
To learn about project guidelines, click here
To submit your project for the symposium, click here