Our Mission Statement:

The UC Santa Cruz Society of Physics Students is a community that aims to represent the interests of the physics student body, to provide a social environment for it, and to provide academic resources to facilitate the success of its students. In particular, it is crucial for SPS to recognize and combat the continual underrepresentation of women, people of color, international, and LGBTQ+ students in STEM and facilitate an environment where physics students can thrive academically, professionally, and socially.

We aim to improve the physics undergraduate experience by providing:

  • Weekly meetings establishing a social and academic community.

  • Mentoring services, linking upperclassmen with lowerclassmen.

  • Students an outlet to discuss the modification of the physics curriculum.

  • A communal and academic space for physics students.

The Society of Physics Students ultimately aims to introduce a collaborative, prosperous, and safe environment for physics students to get the most out of their undergraduate careers at UC Santa Cruz.

How to get involved:
  • Come to our weekly meetings at the Center for Adaptive Optics. Check out our facebook page for upcoming events

  • Come to our study center in Thimann Labs 103A. It is open 24 hours, and you will always find coffee, snacks, and friendly students there.

  • Join our Mentoring Program. In collaboration with the Women in Physics and Astrophysics group, we pair up newer students with students who have more experience navigating academic and social life at UCSC.

  • Join our Outreach Group. Every quarter we provide hands-on activities to students around Santa Cruz county. We also organize collaborative events on campus with other student groups to foster community on campus.

  • Become an Officer! We have weekly officer meetings we use to plan out our events for the quarter. If you'd like to attend an officer meeting to see what running SPS is like, please send us an email

You can email us at sps@ucsc.edu.
Join our email list and our Facebook group!