Interested in UCSC?

UCSC is a great university where to study for an undergraduate or graduate degree.  UCSC combines a wonderful campus, academically excellent degree programs, and a proximity to Silicon Valley that makes industrial collaborations, startups, exchange of ideas, and internships very easy.  If you are considering UCSC for your undergraduate or graduate studies, you might want to check where my past collaborators are now.  The strongest testament to the excellence of a program are the careers of the people who were part of it!

I am currently looking for graduate (MS or PhD) students interested in reputation systems, crowdsourcing, the social web, on-line collaboration, as well as related topics such as game theory, natural-language processing, machine learning, algorithms for the web, and more.  I am also interested in students interested in the applications of formal methods to web development, and to on-line collaboration.  Funding is available for outstanding candidates.

If you are interested in working with me, send me an email in which you explain your motivation and interests.  I receive many emails expressing interest in UCSC, written in such generic terms that they are most likely mass-emailed to a number of institutions.  I tend to disregard them.  If you are interested in working with me, or in attending UCSC, make sure that your email explains why in a specific way.