Project proposal

Due date: Thursday April 19. 

Please describe in a short document the project you would like to do for the class. 
Your proposal should contain: 
  1. Your name(s).  You can work in group on this.
  2. An explanation paragraph.  What is the app about?  Who would use it?  What does it do in general? 
  3. Optional: give a rough sketch of how it looks / works. 
  4. Identify, with reference to the textbook chapters, which topics it uses (e.g., graphics, camera, sensors;  or perhaps, storage, internet access, access to contacts and locations, map service). 
  5. Give a "minimum objective" that you are pretty sure you will achieve (some simple portion of the app that you will build first, and that you are fairly sure it will work.
  6. List any possible difficulties (which hopefully only apply to the full version, not to the above minimum objective). 
We (instructor and TAs) will do a "sanity check", where we check that:
  • The application is not entirely trivial (e.g., touches on several topics in part 4., and is not built entirely using an outside framework).
  • There is a very good chance that you will get at least the minimum objective working. 
Other than this, there are no specific guidelines.  If we will not accept the proposal, we will provide feedback for you to resubmit. 

Please submit using ecommons; you can either attach a pdf, or just enter text, or provide a link to a Google Doc.