I am a professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Santa Cruz.
This is my official UCSC home page. 

Contact Information

  • Email: luca@ucsc.edu
  • Office: E2-339A
  • Google Apps (Drive, Chat, Hangouts, ...): luca@ucsc.edu
  • Phone: 650-248-2856
  • Office hours: Tuesdays 1-2, or you can make an appointment.  
I also have a personal home page, for topics unrelated from UCSC.
Here is my curriculum vitae and resume.


  • Crowdsourcing, reputation systems, open collaboration, the social web.
  • Software design and analysis.
  • Turning ideas into practice! Collaborating with startups and established companies in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Current Work


  • Machine learning over structures.  Algorithms and code for applying machine learning to inference problems over local graph neighborhoods.  Applications include predicting user characteristics from their interactions, predicting bitcoin spending from the network of bitcoin transactions, and more.  As graphs are a very general model, the applications are unlimited. 
  • SlugIOT, a platform for the Internet of Things.

Personal Projects

  • Camio is a startup I co-founded that specializes in processing for webcam (and more!) images.  Camio learns what you consider important and gives you intelligent alerts, and makes you whole video history searchable: "humans garden Tuesday" or "humans approaching door", or "car driveway" -- try it! 

  • SimiCheck is a tool for detecting documents and homework similarity.  SimiCheck understands code, text, Word (.docx), pdf, zip, tag, tgz, html, and more, and is able to compare code without being fooled by things like variable renaming and code moves.
See also the past and archived projects.

Selected Recent Papers

  • L. de Alfaro, M. Shavlovsky.  CrowdGrader: Crowdsourcing the Evaluation of Homework Assignments.  SIGCSE 2014, ACM. PDF
  • L. de Alfaro, B. Adler. Content-Driven Reputation for Collaborative Systems. In Proceedings of Trustworthy Global Computing 2013.Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, 2013. PDF
  • L. de Alfaro, M. Shavlovsky.  CrowdGrader: Crowdsourcing the Evaluation of Homework Assignments. Technical report UCSC-SOE-13-11, August 2013. This is a somewhat extended version of the SIGCSE 2014 paper, containing also details on the crowd-sourcing algorithms.  AbstractPDF
  • L. de Alfaro, M. Shavlovsky.  Attributing Authorship of Revisioned Content.  Proceedings of WWW 2013: 22nd International Conference on the World Wide Web, 2013.  PDF
All my publications, by topic.


Interested in UCSC?

UCSC is a great university where to study for an undergraduate or graduate degree.  UCSC combines a wonderful campus, academically excellent degree programs, and a proximity to Silicon Valley that makes industrial collaborations, startups, exchange of ideas, and internships very easy.  If you are considering UCSC for your undergraduate or graduate studies, you might want to check where my past collaborators are now.  The strongest testament to the excellence of a program are the careers of the people who were part of it!
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