Welcome to Math 21!

Course Information

Course: Math 21
Instructor: Rob Laber
Email: rlaber AT ucsc.edu
Meeting Days: MWF
Meeting Time: 9:00-11:30 am
Location: Soc. Sci. 2 room 075

Office Hrs: MW 12-2pm
Office: McHenry 1292

TA: Zheng Zhou
TA Email: zzhou18 AT ucsc.edu

TA Office Hours:
TTh 12-1:30pm
TA Office: McHenry 4112

Section: Thursday 9-11:30 am
Location: Nat. Sci. Annex 102

Tentative Lecture Schedule: 
  • Week 1: Vectors, Matrices, Solving Systems of Linear Equations
  • Week 2: Real n-space, Span, Linear   Independence, Subspaces and Bases
  • Week 3: Linear Transformations, Matrix Multiplication, Determinants,  Inverses
  • Week 4: Abstract Vector Spaces, Coordinate Vectors, Change of Basis, Abstract Linear Transformations, Rank-Nullity Theorem
  • Week 5: Eigenvectors, Eigenvalues, Characteristic Polynomial and Diagonalization

    (7/20) Wednesday in lecture will be review.              Please bring in questions or topics that you would
    like to discuss.

    (7/22) The solutions to the final review sheet have
    been posted.