Digital Arts and New Media 250C
The Birth of Stars
Winter Quarter, 2014

Class meeting time

Tuesday 2:00 - 5:00 PM
151 Digital Arts Research Center

Professor contact information

Prof. Mark Krumholz
109 Center for Adaptive Optics Building
Phone: 459-1312
Email: mkrumhol at


Professor James Bierman
Professor Michael Chemers


Course syllabus


Exercise 1: The Orrery, due Tuesday, January 21; solutions
Exercise 2: Angular Momentum in the Solar System, due Tuesday, January 28; solutions
Exercise 3: Colors and Color-Mapping in Astronomical Images, due Tuesday, February 4; solutions
Exercise 4: Fueling the Sun, due Tuesday, February 11; solutions
Exercise 5: When We Say "Empty Space", We Mean It, due Tuesday, February 25; solutions
Exercise 6: From Space to the Stars, due Tuesday, March 4; solutions
Exercise 7: Being Clever Matters, Numerical Algorithms Edition, due Tuesday, March 11


 Jan. 147-?; Introduction to Performance Analysis and Bert O. States, “The Phenomenological Attitude.”
Discussion: the theatrical sign
 Jan. 2149-65; Feral, “Every Transaction Conjures a New Boundary.”
Discussion: space and time in performance
 Jan. 28108-133; Zarilli, “For Whom is the King a King?”
Discussion: interculturality.
 Feb. 4245-257; Foster, “Kinesthetic Empathies and the Politics of Compassion.”
Discussion: movement and the body in performance.
 Feb. 11506-520; Chaudhuri, “Animal Rites,” and 532-546; Blau, “Virtually Yours”

Handouts / Notes

Cheat sheet on notation and units
Class 3: Light