The Academic Orientations Project (AOP)

The Academic Orientations Project (AOP) is a research initiative led by a team of individuals affiliated with UC Santa Cruz. The lead researcher is Talia Waltzer, PhD student. The project is supervised by Dr. Audun Dahl, a professor in the Psychology department at UCSC.

Mission Statement

The purpose of our research is to better understand the academic journeys of students across various stages of academia. We want to evaluate how students’ academic environments, pressures, strengths, and weaknesses affect overall performance in school. Our mission is to be able to gather all this information and look for ways to resolve the issues that may present themselves to both learners and educators alike. We want to use the information obtained from our research to find better techniques to help students in various schools improve their academic performance. We also want to help implement better ways of teaching that allow students to grasp information with greater confidence.