Research interests
My research interests centers around studying the ocean's geochemical cycles throughout time by specifically looking at trace elements in pyrite. 
Currently, I am conducting extensive inorganic geochemistry analyses on the modern Santa Monica Basin sediments, studying the redox cycle and the role that distinct trace elements play during diagenesis. 
I am also working on a large dataset of pyrite trace elements and sulfur isotopes to distinguish pyrite from biotic vs abiotic origins through a machine learning approach. 

Currently a geochemistry graduate student from UC-Riverside Earth Sciences Department. Lyons Biogeochemistry Lab. 

Misc. interests
The beach is my happy place. I love snorkeling, paddle boarding, swimming, camping by the beach and hiking. My favorite beaches are Playa Flamenco and Playa Tamarindo both in Culebra, PR. Culebra is a beautiful small island off the east side of Puerto Rico, where you can snorkel with sea turtles and see amazing coral formations. 

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