Italy Switches Sides


Triple alliance,secret agreement between Germany, Austria-Hungary,and Italy formed in may 1882 and renewed periodically until world war 1. On May 23 1915 Italy declares war on Austria Hungary and that would lead to Italy leaving the triple alliance.It was certainly not prepared for a large scale attack and although it managed to mobilize 1.2 million men in 1915. Upon declaring war on Italy’s army immediately advanced into the South Tyrol region and to the Isonzo river  where Austria-Hungary  troops met them with a stiff defense. The snowy and treacherous terrain made the regain poorly suited to offensive operations and after several quick Italian successes combat.

17 the Austrians and Italians had fought no fewer than 11 battles along the Isonzo river. Italy’s experience in world war one was disastrous and ended with the disrespect  of “Italy’s

reward” at the Versailles settlement.When the war began  Italy refused to join with Germany and Austria. They refused because the terms of the alliance each member was bound to stand by each other in case of attack. Italy looked for their support against France shortly after losing north African ambitions to the french.

Italy declared itself a neutral country when the war had started.They had carefully weighed out their options from each side but was looking for the side that would give the best gain. In 1915 Italy signed the Secret Treaty Of London. In the treaty Britain offers large sections of territory in the Adriatic sea region-Dalmatia and Istria. Italy joined the allies because of the treaty of London and it wanted territory on the order of Austria-Hungary. Italy was forced to attack Austria-Hungary. But Italy refused to attack Germany because Germany is a major power and Italy was losing soldiers. By the time fighting ended  615,000 Italians were hurt. Plenty of Italians were not very pleased with their lot they got from the League Of Nations.

On 1915 Italy Declares war on Austria- Hungary but not on Germany on May 23. Italy signed the treaty of London, Committing itself to enter WWI on the side of the allies on April 26, 1915.  Italy Is Looking For support against France. Germany and Austria-Hungary’s Secret formed in Italy.  The Anglo invasion had began the day before the treaty of London was Signed.. The entente had a lot of territory and gained to which then fell into Austria-Hungary Empire. Italy received the the promise of significant territorial gains. Italy was clear its aims for joining the war effort. Italy had a promise of it fulfillment of its dream, control over territory on its border with Austria-Hungary from Trentino through the South Tyrol to Trieste.



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Written by: Grant, Shawn, Chris, Anajancy, Abigail, Keyonia