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   Shiloh families: Thank you once again for a very smooth start to the year!  Our newest and youngest students are doing a great job settling in to their school  routines. Along those lines, we ask that students in all grades walk by themselves without parents to their classes in the mornings between 7:00-7:30  starting the week of August 15. Shiloh staff are placed in the hallways and can assist students as needed.  Our teachers are starting their instructional time in the mornings, and they are not able to meet with parents at that time. Adults entering the building and showing up at classrooms unannounced can also present a safety concern. Please contact your child’s teacher if you would like to schedule a conference. Thank you.

  • Always walk in the media center.
  • Remember to use your shelf marker when checking out books!
  • Wear your library card to the media center every time you visit.
  • Use quiet voices while in the media center- other people may be studying and working.