2017-2018 Important Information regarding changes in Driver Education.

The only classes available for Driver Education at this time are the online classes. Please check the link for the online class on the left for information regarding this class.

Please keep checking the online website for the posting of the next class.

Remember this is a two part process. You must pay first ($65) online and then complete the registration form. 

Students that are in the online class can go by the main office to pick up their 800 form (Restricted Instructional Permit) when instructed by the instructor teaching the online class. During the summer these forms will still be at the front desk in the main office. Please remember the summer hours in the main office are different than the regular school year and all schools are closed on Friday.

Any student that needs a hard copy of the DMV handbook for the online class can go by the main office to get a copy.

If the registration for the current online class is closed and If you paid, and could not complete the registration, email driver.ed@ucps.k12.nc.us and notify them.

Test Schedule for the September Online Driver Education Class will be Wednesday October 4, 2017 for first assessment and eyechecks. If the 800 form(restricted instructional permit) is not signed by the parent the eyecheck will not be administered and the parent will have to take the student to the DMV to have this completed. 


The assessment times during regular school days are from 3:15pm - 5:15 pm in the media center. This is only for PRHS students, Private School, and Home School students that will be completing the BTW portion at PRHS. Please read the exam information below.

Final Exam and Eye Check for the September online class:

October 4, 2017, 3:15 - 5:15 pm in the Media Center

Exam Retake ( No eye check offered on this date) October 5, 2017, 3:15 - 5:15 in the Media Center.


Final exam and eye check for the July online class will be in the media center August 3 at 8:00 am - 10:00am.

Retakes and make-ups will be August 4 at 8:00am in the media center. There will be no eyechecks on this date.

Please make sure you have all paperwork and it is signed by your parent/guardian.

Final Exam Information

Please have a #2 pencil final assessment that is closed book, closed phone, and closed computer.

You are required to bring three (3 to 4) documents:

1. Completed NC Restricted Instruction Permit (front and back) this is also called an 800 form with blue or black ink only

2. Copy of student's Birth Certificate (we will not keep these)

3. Parent verification letter for completing 28 hours of online coursework while taking Union County Public School’s Online Driver’s Education Class." Click HERE for example.

4. If you borrowed a paper DMV Handbook, please return.

BTW (Behind The Wheel)
This takes place after students have completed the online portion of Driver's Education. There are many variables that affect when students drive so I can not give you a definite time.
We will drive students by age out of each online class. Once we have completed one class we will then start another. There may be some overlap in starting and finishing a class. I give each instructor a set of six names as they ask for them. I continue this process until all students have been assigned to an instructor to drive.

We have started driving the June online students that have turned in their completed paperwork.  We will try to start the July class by the middle of August.
Please make sure you check your phone for messages regarding an instructor calling you to schedule the BTW time.

1. Students must now pay, register, and take the Driver Education class through Union County Online Driver Program. The pay and registration for the Online Class is on the online Driver Education Webpage.
2. All classes are now open to students that are 14.5 years old - 18 years old.
3. You must pay online first. The fee is now $65.00.
4. There will be no refund or rearrangement for a class so please study the class schedule and plan accordingly.
5. Union County online class is now open for all students 14.5 years old - 18 years old. The link for the online class is posted on each High Schools website. The online pay and registration for the online class is on the link provided on the school webpage. It is not listed on this site.

Driver Education Program consists of two phases.
1.  Classroom    36 hours
2. Driving (behind-the-wheel) 6 hours driving, 6 hours observation.

The following applies to both in-class and online sessions for Driver Education:
If a student starts  the  class and  fails to  complete  it for  any reason,  he/she will need  to make other arrangements to  obtain  the  necessary  coursework  required  for a driver‛s license/permit. This class will only be offered to each student one time (state law).  The first 3 classes are only open to students that are already 15 and older. After the first 3 classes, students between the ages 14  ½  and  18  are  eligible if  they have  not been  previously  enrolled. Before  starting the  course, the  following should  be considered:  after school activities (sports, clubs,  etc.), vacation,  jobs, etc. Considerations are not limited to these examples. In addition, if a student is removed because of discipline issues, they will not be allowed to retake the class with the Union County Public Schools. The class will be offered once to each student.

Register for course- Students in Union County must now register for the online Driver Education Class from the online site. The link for this site is listed at the top left of this page. There are special guidelines for registering if a student has free or reduced lunch. Please see the lead instructor for this information.

Parents the following is a link for a new document provided by NCDMV to help you with the Graduated license program