Big South 5K October 21 8:00 am. All the money comes back to Piedmont Middle School!
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Practices will begin August 1 at 8:00am behind the gym.

After school begins, practices will be Monday through Thursday from 3:30 - 4:30 pm.

After school begins, you can only miss 1 practice per week!...unless soccer - two. Football cheerleaders may NOT participate.

To attend the first practice a student must bring the following
     2. Insurance Waiver - (School insurance is available at www.studentinsurance-kk.com.)
      5. Student Concussion Test  (You only need to do this once in middle school.)
           Code - 7U6J7P664U (use Internet Explorer & remove pop-up blockers) 
    7. Dues $35.00 Make checks out to Piedmont Middle School. You must include a phone number. (Scholarships are available.)

To run in a meet, a student must bring the following:

Suggested items for practice:
Running shoes
Water bottle - refillable
Sports watch (stop watch) - optional

Coach Karen Barbee
Contact information: