Porter Ridge High School Online Driver's Education Site

The following resources are available for students and parents interested in UCPS Driver Education
Anyone attending school in Union County is eligible for drivers ed.

Online Course Information

Online Registration:

Click here to begin registration process

Any questions? email driver.ed@ucps.k12.nc.us

The course is online and is around 3 weeks long and will take around 30 hours to complete.

Students must have access to the Internet to take the online course.

Modules will be completed outside of the school day.

There are 8 modules that open every other day but not on weekends or holidays.

Online course questions should be directed to the instructor 
inside of Canvas using the Inbox on the left.
Read all Announcements as they have important information.

Exam Information

At the end of the coursework, there is a face-to face 100 question exam and eye check given at school. 

800 Form and parent letter (NC Restricted Instruction Permit)

Please have a #2 pencil final assessment that is closed book, closed phone, and closed computer.

You are required to bring three (3 to 4) documents:

1. Completed NC Restricted Instruction Permit (front and back) with blue or black ink only

2. Copy of student's Birth Certificate (we will not keep these)

3. Letter on an 8.5 inch by 11 inch paper (dated and signed by guardian) saying, "(fill in student's first and last name) has completed 28 hours of online coursework while taking Union County Public School’s Online Driver’s Education Class." Click HERE for example.

4. If you borrowed a paper DMV Handbook, please return.


Next exam in 2019 is listed below

Exam Information

Final Exam and Eye Check

March 19, 2019 in Media Center 3:00 pm

Bring 800 form completed and signed by parent or guardian, Birth Certificate, email showing online completion and information sheet signed by parent/guardian

Exam Retake (No Eye Check Offered)

March 20, 2019 in Media Center 3:00 pm

Contact Information

Registration questions: Lisa Thompson 

email: driver.ed@ucps.k12.nc.us 

Exam questions: Ron Rutherford

 Behind The Wheel Instruction Information

After passing the exam and eye check, students will be scheduled for behind the wheel training.

Questions about the final exam and driving instruction should be directed to the lead instruction at the school. 

Ron Rutherford

1. Students must now pay, register, and take the Driver Education class through Union County Online Driver Program. The pay and registration for the Online Class is on the online Driver Education Webpage.
2. All classes are now open to students that are 14.5 years old - 18 years old.
3. You must pay online first. The fee is now $65.00.
4. There will be no refund or rearrangement for a class so please study the class schedule and plan accordingly.
5. Union County online class is now open for all students 14.5 years old - 18 years old. The link for the online class is posted on each High Schools website. The online pay and registration for the online class is on the link provided on the school webpage. It is not listed on this site.

Driver Education Program consists of two phases.
1.  Classroom    36 hours
2. Driving (behind-the-wheel) 6 hours driving, 6 hours observation.

The following applies to both in-class and online sessions for Driver Education:
If a student starts  the  class and  fails to  complete  it for  any reason,  he/she will need  to make other arrangements to  obtain  the  necessary  coursework  required  for a driver‛s license/permit. This class will only be offered to each student one time (state law).  The first 3 classes are only open to students that are already 15 and older. After the first 3 classes, students between the ages 14  ½  and  18  are  eligible if  they have  not been  previously  enrolled. Before  starting the  course, the  following should  be considered:  after school activities (sports, clubs,  etc.), vacation,  jobs, etc. Considerations are not limited to these examples. In addition, if a student is removed because of discipline issues, they will not be allowed to retake the class with the Union County Public Schools. The class will be offered once to each student.