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PDHS Eye Screening

Vision screening Information

Students must pass final exam before coming to the vision screening

Items required for the final exam:

  • Copy of student's Birth Certificate (we will not keep these)

  • NC Restricted Instruction Permit (RIP)/800 fillable (can type-in) form (must be completed [above the “NC Division of Motor Vehicles Use Only” portion only] and signed by a parent/guardian in only blue or black ink). RIP/800 forms require original signatures in blue or black ink. Copies and/or scans will not be accepted. Due to the revised NCDMV/DOT 800 form and guidelines, the RIP/800 form may not be altered in any manner. Per the NC Attorney General’s office, any alteration of a State document constitutes fraud and will not be tolerated. Altering includes double-sided printing, writing/typing or adding any information, anywhere (back or front) on the RIP/800 form where applicable, specific information is not requested. DMV representatives will not and cannot complete the eye screening or their portion of the RIP/800 form if it has been altered in any way. Physicians/Optometrists may not complete the RIP/800 form in lieu of a DMV representative; this will also invalidate the RIP/800 form.

  • 30-hour DE Course-Communication Parent Letter completed with blue or black ink only and signed by a parent/guardian.

  • If applicable, corrective lenses (glasses or contact lenses)

Behind the Wheel Instruction Information:

After successfully completing the online course, passing the final exam and vision screening, students will be scheduled for Behind the Wheel instruction. Behind the Wheel instruction usually occurs 2-3 months after the passing of the final exam and vision screening. The order is determined by date of birth. Older students will be contacted first. Parents and students will be contacted by a UCPS Driver Ed Instructor via phone call, email, and/or text. They WILL NOT be contacted via social media. Families/students must arrange transportation to and from their BTW sessions.

If you have questions about the vision screenings and/or the Behind the Wheel/driving schedule, please contact the Lead Driver Ed Instructor at your assigned DE site: Lead Instructor's Contact Information: Brian Pitoniak, 704-753-2810; brian.pitoniak@ucps.k12.nc.us

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Need a Driving Eligibility Certificate?

Driving Eligibility Certificates: Parents will need to visit the school in which their child is currently enrolled to secure the Driving Eligibility Certificate. Each site will set its Driving Eligibility Certificate distribution process. Please contact that school to schedule an appointment. Once scheduled, bring the following documents to the appointment:

  • Student’s birth certificate or passport

  • Completed Driver Education Certificate

  • Proof of address if the current address is different than the one listed on the Driver Education Certificate or the address listed in PowerSchool. Address must be verified for the NC Real ID.