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Registration Process

Welcome to UCPS's Driver Education Registration Process

July Class
July registration opens June 17, 2019 at 8:00 A.M.
July registration closes June 28, 2019 OR
when the site/school reaches capacity.
Any questions? email driver.ed@ucps.k12.nc.us

During the registration period please check your school's status below to see if it is accepting registrations:

 School Status 
 CATA Open
 CHS Open
 FHHS Open
 MHS (Monroe) Open
 PWHS Open
 PDHS Open
 PRHS Open
 SVHS Open
 UCEC Open 
 WHS Open
 UA Open
 Other Open

The 2019-2020 Driver Ed schedule has been released. Click the link below for more information:

2019-20 Driver Ed Schedule

2018-19 Driver Ed Schedule

Learner's Permit Information

 If you have questions about the eye checks, final exams or driving schedule, please contact the Lead Driver Education Instructor at your child's school.
Lead Instructor's Contact Information

Union County Public Schools offers a Driver Education program. Each UCPS Driver Education course involves 30 hours of online classroom work via Canvas modules and a minimum of 12 hours of Behind the Wheel instruction in the vehicle (6 hours driving and 6 hours observing).

Enrollment is open to any student who attends high school* within UCPS's school district and meets the eligibility requirements. All students who attend high school* whether private, public, charter, or home school in Union County are also eligible for UCPS’s Driver Education Program. (Union Academy will train charter, private, and homeschool students.)

UCPS’s Driver Education (DE) Course Enrollment and Registration Information:

In order to be eligible to enroll in UCPS’s Driver Education program, an individual must meet the following requirements:

  • Attending a high school* whether public, private, charter, or home school within Union County.

  • Be 14 ½ on the first day of class. A student over 18 who attends school in Union County is eligible for the classroom portion but must secure a Learner’s Permit from DMV before they are eligible to complete the driving portion of the class.

  • Have not previously enrolled in the UCPS Driver Education program. Students who have dropped out of school or who have enrolled in driver education previously or did not take the class for which they were enrolled are not eligible for these classes without special consideration and permission from UCPS’s Driver Education Coordinator.

If the student lives in Union County, but attends school outside the county, the student is NOT eligible to receive Driver Education instructional (classroom and behind-the-wheel) training in Union County Public Schools.  This includes public (high school and middle school), private, charter, and home schools.

*Middle School students ARE eligible to take Driver Education as long as they are the legal age (14 ½ on the first day of class).

Families/students may also contact a private company at their own expense.

UCPS’s Driver Education Course Registration is completed online and is a two-step process. There is a $65 registration fee that is due when registering for UCPS Driver Education class. Please read all online registration directions completely. There are registration date parameters and capacity restrictions. Enrollment in the online course may be limited due to the number of students waiting to for the Behind the Wheel portion of Driver Ed. Students that attend a Union County Public School may only register for the Driver Education course for the school they are enrolled and attend (Ex. A student enrolled at SVHS may only register and take Driver Ed through SVHS). Students that attend a private, charter, and home school in Union County may only register for “Other” or “Union Academy” if applicable. If any school/site has reached registration-capacity, another school/site cannot be chosen.

Please click on the "Driver Ed Schedule" link above for more information, dates, and additional links.

The "Handbook" tab at the top of this page is a great resource for general information about UCPS's Driver Education Program.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How old must I be to take driver ed?  You must be 14 years and 6 months on the date the course starts. For the July 2017, you must be born by Jan 17, 2003.
2. Do I have to attend a class face-to-face? The book work and assessments are done entirely online. You will only have to attend a face-to-face session when you take the exam at the end of the course.
3. How much is the fee to take the course? The course is $65.00. 


July Class

Module Opens
Module 1 July 9
Module 2
July 10
Module 3
July 11
Module 4
July 12
Module 5
July 13
Module 6
July 16
Module 7
July 17
Module 8
July 18
Testing Dates: Click Here for Schedule
What to bring to/for final exam