UCPS Suite of Apps

Students and Faculty within Union County Public Schools have access to a myriad of educational apps conducive to classroom needs.  Google Drive provides countless numbers of opportunities for students to create and collaborate on a given task.  

With equitable access to Google Documents, Google Spreadsheets, Google Forms, Google Presentations and Google Drawings, teachers and students at all grade levels can collaborate and store in the cloud. 

Additionally, Google Sites are available for use in UCPS for educational purposes and in achieving a greater digital audience.  

Teachers and students alike are encouraged to use the Calendar feature within their Google accounts in an effort to keep organized and stay informed of events within their schools.  

Students in grades 6-12 have Gmail Accounts that can be utilized to email other students and teachers within the county.  These accounts will not accept or send emails to accounts outside the UCPS network. 
is available to teachers as a supplemental instructional tool for delivery of educational content. YouTube provides a plethora of educational videos, many of which are offered within the Khan Academy.

All other applications on UCPS student issued Chromebooks will be downloaded from the
Chrome Web Store.  Not every Web Store application or extension will be made available to students. An app must meet UCPS curriculum and technology guidelines; students will only be allowed to download approved apps from the Chrome Web Store.  A list of these approved apps and extensions can be located within the UCPS Student Apps Locker.

Teachers can sync their selected Chrome Web Apps with their Chrome Browser by using their UCPS issued login credentials.

For further information on the UCPS Suite of Apps visit the Tutorials section of this website.