Leadership Education 300

Pick a Stock and Follow it's Performance

1.  We will go with Wall Street Survivor :  Click on This Link  --->  Wall Street Survivor

2.  Then Click the Sign Up Link3. Then Use your Name, and Student Email to Register your Free Account: (Before you Submit, Un-Click the Free Newsletters, but leave a check in the "Terms and Conditions" box.)

4. On the next page, Select Review Portfolio

5. On the next page, Select "Add Stocks to your Portfolio"

6.  Here you can pick the suggested Stock on the right, let it pick a random stock, or search for a stock.

7.  Once you have picked your stock, you need to BUY Stock.  You start out with $100,000 Cash, and a $200,000 Margin Account.  

Cash account
This type of account asks you to deposit cash, and then you can use that cash to buy stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other investments. It's not much more complicated than that.

Margin account
In a margin account, the cash and securities in your account act as collateral for a line of credit that you take out from the brokerage in order to buy more stock. The interest rates that brokers charge are lower than typical credit card rates, but they do mean you'll need to earn a much higher return on your investments than you would if you were only investing with your own cash. We generally counsel against using margin, but that doesn't mean that getting a margin account is automatically a bad idea.

8. Select "Buy"  

9. How Many Stocks Will You Purchase?  Put a Number in the box.  Then Click the "Trade for a total of $________" Yellow Button.

10.  Follow your Stock Each Week and Log your Stock's Value on the Spreadsheet found at your Google Classroom.
       ***Be prepared to share how your stock is performing.

Activity 3: Smart Money Research - Use the following links to Finance Articles to accomplish this activity
*Focus on smart money tips that you can use to meet your financial goals identified in Activity 2.
How to Create and Manage a Budget