Clara Barton's Childhood

Clara Barton, one of the many great women who change the course of women’s history and took a stand on what they believed in. Even though she came from a century where women were not treated equally as men or had much say in anything they do. However, Clara Barton had a strong personality where she was stubborn, brave, smart, and kind; and she was not scared to use it by spook her mind and done whatever is right to her.  Her bravery stemmed from her family’s upbringing, with a valiant soldier as her father and “her grandfather was [also] one of the heroes of the Bennington in the Revolutionary War.” 3 Clara had many family members who were in the war and came out as great heroes from the war. Like her father, who he had been “a soldier under General Anthony Wayne in his campaign against the Indians in the northwest and was a leader in progressive thought in intellectual Oxford village; well-to-do, a Free Mason, a life-long Democrat.”1  With all the great role models she has had over the course of her life, she learn how to fight for everything and anything she wanted. Therefore, Clara Barton is a wonderful role model for the women’s movement and a beautiful soul that touches everyone’ hearts with her the amount of care and love she had given to her country.

All of Clara Barton's good deeds that she had done over the course of her life. It started from "Christmas day [of] 1821 in Massachusetts"the moment she was born. It was a great Christmas present to both of her parents, Stephen and Sarah Barton; however, it was also a wonderful present to all of America and also the beginning of The American Red Cross. Clara Barton self-taught herself many things, for example, how to be a nurse, where she was caring for others with great amount of love. Her older brother David, before Miss Barton became eleven years old, he taught her how to became a fearless horse rider. Due to many of David's misfortunes during his childhood cased him to be very sick over two years. Where Miss Barton brought out her inner nurse, to never gave up on him even though he was very sick but to stood by his side and took care of him with unconditional love and nurtured him until he was healthy again.1