Hi! I'm Morgan Thomas. Previously I was Nick Thomas.* I am a philosophy PhD student at the University of Connecticut. I am interested in philosophy of math, mathematical philosophy, metaphysics, and pure math. Much of my research focuses on naïve set theory and the set-theoretic foundations of category theory.


Work in progress

For those works in progress for which my ownership is not verified by some social means (journal submission, conference presentation, etc.), I use cryptographic proof of existence to give evidence that I originated these papers.

Other papers

These are papers which I have finished but am not seeking to publish because I think the ideas are better worked out elsewhere.
You may also want to look at my description of what I do when I do philosophy.

* I changed my name as part of my gender transition from male to bigender.

"When most people want to engage in a philosophical investigation, they act like someone who is quite nervously looking for an object in a drawer. He throws papers out of the drawer -- what he's looking for may be among them -- leafs around among the others hastily and sloppily. Throws some back into the drawer, mixes them up with the others, and so on. Then one can only tell him: Stop, if you search in that way, I can't help you look. First you have to start by examining one thing after another methodically, and in complete peace; then I am willing to join you in your search and to follow you in terms of method as well."

- Ludwig Wittgenstein (Big Typescript, p. 316)