Mel Fisher

Treasure hunter, husband, father, and friend. Born in 1922 and died in 1998. Mel Fisher was a founder of some of the worlds greatest treasures. In 1950 Mel Fisher opened one of the states first dive shops. He offered free lessons to anyone who bought equipment. In 1953 he sold his farm in California, and met his soon to be wife Dolares also known as Deo. They moved to Redondo Beach, CA and opened Mel's Aqua Shop where they made some of the first wet suits and spear guns. His frist search for gold was not in the ocean, but in rivers. The Fishers began teaching dive lessons and once they got bored with diving locally they went dive expeditions for a weekend at a time, then a week, then a month all around the world. They dove everywhere. Deo and Mel soon after decided to move to Florida and hunt for treasure full time. They took six people with them and they called themselves the "Universal Salvors."
"Today's the day" -Mel Fisher
Mel Fisher, treasure hunter