Meet Your School Counselor
                      Mrs. Eileen Melody                          

Hello! I am Mrs. Melody and I will be your 7th and 8th grade school counselor! I like to POWER-UP by meditating, practicing yoga, cooking and eating different healthy foods.  Mindfulness - being in the present moment - is a habit that I have embraced.  I am also an avid fan of the arts. I look for art everywhere because I believe we should find beauty in all places in our world.  One of my goals is to assist all students and families with accessing the resources they need  - equity for all!  Helping students look at life through a positive lens and have fun is what I love most about my job!  We all have a personal story and I would love to hear yours! Stop by Room 310A anytime and we can chat!

Have you considered...

  • playing on a Sports Team?  We have boys and girls soccer teams and a co-ed cross country team.
  • becoming a employee of one of your teachers?  Our Youth Employment Program is underway.  Pick up an application outside my office, 310A.
  • trying out an after school activity?  Each quarter we offer several and diverse activities.  And, you can take the late bus home!  Fun and easy to join.  After school activities forms are in the Back Office.

My goal is to help all students use their middle school years as a significant personal learning time. I enjoy working with students, parents, and teachers and utilizing our community resources in order to accomplish the ultimate goal of having students experience success.

The Mansfield Middle School Counseling Program is designed to meet the needs of the whole student by promoting the development of effective communication and life planning skills that empower students to establish mindsets & behaviors that help them grow into responsible adults. I offer:

Individual:     One-on-one counseling support or conversations that deal with personal concerns.

Small group:    Small group opportunities take form of peer mediation and daily lunch groups.

Classroom Lessons:     Lessons address current social-emotional issues, academic skill development and career exploration.

Whole School:     Whole school programs are Positive Behavior Recognition Week, Peace Day and Kindness Day.

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