The Life of a Pirate

Was it easy to be a pirate?
 Life as a pirate was not very easy
        Often very poor conditions
       Tough, stormy weather
Pirates would have to haul in wet ropes, heavy sails throughout the day
Requires a lot of stamina
Dark, damp quarters
Manned pumps for hours
Spend weeks, months, and even years away from home
Mostly young men
However, was a better option for most
Why would anyone want to be a pirate?

The rewards of being a pirate were immense. 
Life at sea was very tough regardless of if you were a pirate, privateer, or in the navy
Navy wages were very low and they were treated poorly
Officers did not treat the lower ranks equally (a lot of corruption)
Privateers would turn over treasure to government
Pirates had chance to recover more riches than they could imagine
Many believed that the pros of becoming wealthy outweighed the chance of being caught and executed
Pirates shared everything
From food to the amount of goal, everyone was equal in a pirates’ eyes
Huge advantage over any other type
More freedom
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