About the Author
    My name is Kaitlin Dennison, I am a student at the University of Connecticut attending a class in digital humanities. In honor of the 200th anniversary of the Hartford Convention, our class has taken on the task of making webpages with biographical information about the delegates that attended the convention.

About Hodijah Baylies
    Born in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, September 15th, 1756, Hodijah Baylies was a Harvard graduate that went on to become an important player in the Revolutionary War. He was a first lieutenant as well as a major and Aide de Camp for General Benjamin Lincoln and later, George Washington (5). After the war, Major Baylies started a family and held various civil positions in Bristol County, Massachusetts, including Judge of Probate. He was reportedly one of the most handsome men of the Continental Army; he also carried himself well with good manners (2).