Welcome to my website on Chinese Piracy!!!

My name is James Huang!

I am currently a sophomore majoring in electrical engineering at the University of Connecticut Storrs!

This semester, I'm taking a class where I learn about pirates!

One of the main assignments for this course was to research a particular topic of interest within the world of pirates and maritime piracy and to create an informative website on Google about the particular topic.

I picked to research the topic of Chinese piracy- in particular, focusing on the life of the famous Chinese pirate named Ching Shih and also known as Cheng I Sao.

I picked this topic because it was very appealing and interesting in regards to maritime piracy in Asia and Ching Shih being one of the most well known female and Asian pirates in history. This also allowed me to research Chinese piracy as a whole along with numerous areas that are interesting in their own ways and related to the main topic.

Thanks to excellent help from numerous sources, I was able to conduct much research on thisĀ  topic and create an informative website on Google, also known as a g-site, about Ching Shih and Asian piracy.

Thus, without further ado, I'm proud to present to you my website!

Feel free to browse anywhere you want on this website!