Wireless Connection Using iTouch, iPad and iPhone

How to connect to UCM-WiFi-Secured:

1. From the home screen, tap the Settings icon.
2. Select WiFi from the left side of the settings options.
3. Choose UCM-WiFi-Secured.

Authenticate using your UCM account credentials: 

4. In Username field enter UCMO\youruserid
(Example: jsmith or abc4000).  Note:  If this doesn’t work, try entering youruserid without UCMO\.  This seems to vary depending on the operating system.
5. In the Password field, enter your account password.
6. Click Join on your on-screen keyboard.

Confirm access through acceptance of security certificate:

7. When a dialog box will pops up, prompting you to accept a security certificate, click Accept.

Confirm wireless and internet connectivity:

8. Look for the wireless icon at the top left of your screen (just to the right of iPad/iPod).
9. Launch Safari or other internet-aware application to test connectivity.