WiFi Available

The wireless networks UCM supports are:

UCM-WiFi-Secured (all locations with WiFi)

UCM-WiFi-Unsecured (only in JCK Library and Elliott Student Union)

University owned laptops (new) will require a technician to configure the wireless on the machines. Please call the Technology Support Center at 660-543-4357 to have a work order created for configuration.

University owned laptops (previously configured) will automatically attempt to connect to the UCM-WiFi-Secured wireless. 

You also have the option of connecting to the UCM-WiFi-Unsecured wireless.

  1. Right-click the wireless icon and select View Available Wireless Network.
  2. Disconnect the UCM-WiFi-Secured wireless network by clicking the UCM-WiFi-Secured wireless network, and clicking Disconnect.
  3. Connect the UCM-WiFi-Unsecured wireless network by clicking the UCM-WiFi-Unsecured wireless network, and clicking Connect.