Voice Mail Instructions

Voice mail is a message service that allows callers to leave a message when you are unable to answer your phone.  It will answer your phone after the fourth ring, or immediately if you are on the phone.  The caller will hear your personal greeting and will then be able to leave a message.

Each mailbox requires the use of a personalized password.  The password will initially be set at 786637 (SUMMER).  This needs to be reset by the user to a private password that only the user knows.  If you fail to reset your password, the Technology Support Center will reset it for you.


   1.  Dial  4567  (On Campus)

        Dial 660-543-4567 (Off Campus)

        Press * if calling from another phone that has a mailbox.

   2.  Enter your mailbox number (off campus) - This is generally your phone number with a “3” in front of it, e.g. 34357.

   3.  Enter your passcode.  Note:  Initially, everyone’s password is  786637 (Summer)

Most functions in voice mail can be accomplished by listening to the prompts and choosing the options for the task you are trying to accomplish.  The following instructions provide a “cheat sheet” of sorts, to help you through some of the more rare activities with voice mail.


Change Your Password

From the main menu, Press 4 - 2 - 1 - 1

Record a Personal Greeting

From the main menu, press 4 - 3 - 1 - 2

Choose one:

     Press 1,  for Away from the phone

     Press 2,  for On the phone

     Note: If you don’t record an on-phone greeting, your away from phone greeting always plays.   

Record an Extended Absence Greeting

From the main menu, press  4 - 3 - 2

Note:  Your extended absence greeting replaces your personal greeting.  Delete the extended absence greeting to restore your personal greeting.

Re-record Your Name

From the main menu, press  4 - 3 - 3



Listen to Messages:

To review unheard messages, press 1-1

Listening Controls

Use playback controls to rewind, pause or fast forward and to change the speed or volume.

Press 1        to rewind 6 seconds back in a message

Press 1-1     to rewind to the beginning of a message

Press 3        to  fast forward 6 seconds in a message

Press 3-3     to fast forward to the end of a message

Press #        to skip to the next message

Press #-#     to skip to saved (archived) message

Press 4        to play slower

Press 5        to hear a message’s envelope (the sender, time, length, etc)

Press 6        to play faster

Press 7        to lower volume

Press 9        to increase volume

Reply to a Message

At the end of the message, press 8

Record reply - when finished, press  #

Send, press #

Reply By Calling the Sender

At the end of the message, press 8 -  8

The system dials sender’s phone number

Note:  You cannot reply to messages from outside callers.

Send a Copy

At the end of the message, press 6

Record instructions, when finished, press #

Enter destination

Send, press #

Send a Copy With Other Introductions Removed

At the end of the message, press 6 - 6

Record instructions - when finished, press #

Enter destination

Send, press #


To Record and Send a Message:

  From the mail menu, press 2

  Record, when you finish, press #

Options:   To erase and re-record, press  *

                To hear your message, press 1

Enter destination

Optional:  enter delivery options

                1 = Private

                2 = Urgent

                3 = Message Confirmation

                4 = Future Delivery

Send,  press #

Destination Options

You can send message to other users, group lists and guests mailboxes.


Locate a Message You Sent

From the main menu, press  3 - 1

Locate a message Received in Your Mailbox

From the main menu, press 3 - 2

Choose source:

    From subscribers, press 1

    From outside callers, press 2

    From specific outside callers, press 3

   Search for messages by mailbox number or group list.


Use Power Keys

Press  *  to cancel a command or to back up one menu.

Press  *  to bypass a greeting or interrupt a prompt.

Change Prompt Levels

From the main menu, press 4 - 2 - 1 - 3

Choose the prompt level:

    Press 1,   for Standard

    Press 2,  for Extended (detailed) prompts

    Press 3,  for Rapid (brief) prompts

Voice Mail Distribution Lists

From the main menu, press  4 - 2 - 1 - 2

Choose action:

    Press 1, to create new list

    Press 2, to edit existing list

    Press 3, to delete list

    Press 4, to hear list members

    Note:  Each list can hold up to 25 mailbox addresses.

Turn on Date and Time

From the main menu, press  4 - 2 - 1 - 4

For assistance with your Voice Mail, please contact the Technology Support Center.